1965 Fillable Fun-Raising Card

Would you prefer to take a cat nap over Dashing or Dawdling 55 miles? Then the 1965 Fillable Fun-Raising Card is right up your alley.

Do you want to help raise funds for New Mexico’s cats & dogs but aren’t sure where to start? Our 1965 Fillable Fun-Raising Card is the purr-fect way to make asking, easy!


Download & print our Fillable Fun-Raising Card, ask friends, family & colleagues to pick a box (or two), collect funds & submit your donation! It’s that simple.

Download 1965 Fillable Fun-Raising Card Here!

DRAWING RULES: All participants who fill in their entire Fun-Raising Card, mail in their Fillable Fun-raising Card & total donation amount will be eligible to take part in a drawing for a mystery prize. Please note: All donations uploaded through your Participant Center will not make the participant eligible to be included in the drawing.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR DONATION: Please mail your Pledge Sheet & the total amount raised in a check made payable to: Animal Humane New Mexico

Send to: ATTN: Doggie Dash

Animal Humane New Mexico, 615 Virginia St. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Or submit your donations via credit card through your Participant Center at doggiedashanddawdle.org.